HCF is a secular, non-political, non-governmental and non-profitable registered (under the societies registration act of 1860) charitable society. With a broad experience in uplifting the mentally and intellectually challenged people, conducting relief operations, health camps, blood donation camps, national integration camps for the youth and guidance and counseling programs etc, they are guided by the fact that every life has equal value. HCF is steered by a group of young minds whose hard work and determination gave name and base to this organization in 2010.


         Aspire to become an international organization; emphasizing on love, service, unity and equality; working exemplarily with independency, clarity and transparency; with a strong and sound stance in social commitments and environmental considerations for the prosperity of the society


         To undertake ‘selfless service’ as an obligation; assuring individual and collective activities in the society with virtue, generosity and dedication

What do we do?

         We have four main segments to carry out our activities and 3 other subsidiary segments for the maintenance of these main segments.

1. Karunyatheeram

         Healthcare Foundation’s initiative for the differently abled, ‘Karunyatheeram’ was started in 2010 to cater for the needs of physically and intellectually disabled children. The campus that spans around 1.5 acre in the Kattippara Grama Panchayath of Kozhikode district has 89 students along with their trainers. This segment is headed by Mr. T.M. Thalis.

          The faculty and staff of the school are committed to protect these children from the stereotyped attitude of the society and instill self confidence in their minds. The schooling including the food, travel, uniform etc. is completely free for the students. The school has a bus and a rented jeep for up and down transportation purpose. Many of the intellectually disabled individuals require 24 hours support and care. For this purpose, construction work of a hostel which can accommodate 200 students has started and is under progression. The campus has a special school, vocational training centre and a job unit.

2. Bodhanatheeram

          Bodhanatheeram helps youngsters with untapped potential to develop their talents, broaden their horizons and become better citizens. Bodhanatheeram is headed by Mr. Safvan K.K.
Its main activities include:-
⦁ Training
⦁ Publishing
⦁ Audio visuals
⦁ Consultation
          Currently, its two projects are going on- Junior India and Vocational training. Junior India attempts to train its 80 students (from 6th, 7th and 8th classes) to get into the best universities of India. Vocational training prepares people for several trades including tailoring, plumbing, Government jobs etc.

3. Community Health Services

          The main areas of domain of Community health services, headed by Mr. Muhammed Salih, are:-

  • Community clinic- HCF has a psychiatric centre with 30 patients for whom medicines, doctors and volunteers are provided.
  • District Blood Donors forum- The finest gesture one can make is save life by donating Blood. HCF’s blood donation forum provides blood donors to hospitals all over Kerala.
  • Medical equipment distribution unit-This unit supplies water and air beds, wheelchairs and other medical equipments which can be returned to HCF once the use is over.
  • Apart from these, food kits are arranged and ambulance services are provided for the poor. This segment is also undertaking projects on building homes for the homeless with the support of local people.

4. Natural Fraternity

          Let’s go green to keep our globe clean. This is very essential to save our planet to make it a better place for us and our future generations to live in. This segment is guided and headed by Mr. Vinod Kumar. HCF conducts rain water harvesting, disaster management, afforestation and waste management programs.

5. Finance Department

          Finance Department mobilizes and raises funds for HCF and plans and monitors the usage of funds. The department, guided by Mr. Babu Kudukkil, is now connecting to three-level Panchayaths, state- central governments and international organizations for the same.

6. Public Relations Department

          It is this department that takes details of HCF’s works to people. Under the guidance of Adv. T.P.A. Naseer, awareness programs and campaigns are conducted. Documentation works are also handled by PRD.

7. Organization Development Program

          This segment of HCF, headed by Mr. Muhammed Salim, is set to develop the system of organization. They recruit people to develop new skilled and reliable ‘heads’ for the organization.